XXX city rise "gift act as purchasing agency" service

"A happy holiday dear! This is a magical personalized gift, and I spent hours in foreign search, is to find your favorite color and style... of course, this is my gift purchasing t get me."
Nowadays, many gift purchasing and experience gift company and service come on stage in succession, trying to help the cash-rich but time nervous people buy gratified gift relatives and friends. Although gifts advisor itself and no any special fresh place, but act as purchasing agency product hierarchy and can provide help has exponential growth stage. These are not only provide advice and gift by the purchaser to pick their own gift recommend services, they also responsible for buying gifts.
XXXXX is xx city new opened a experienced. Gift company, provide all kinds of gift services, from private plane to private blue one klein, ROM such-and-such live performance, last month, it may fil (Mayfair) store opening, also provides a supporting retail website, and plans to promote the concept of the world. Launch a gift search service, and provide the delivery (for XXX city residents) and gift packaging, to supplement the current fashion consulting services; Personal concierge service elite club will launch "elite will custom" service special limited edition provide luxury brand products, involving XXX, XXX, XXX and brand; The famous department store in the busy holidays have expanded for customer purchasing gift service.
Why? Think of elite will gift department last year, 30% - 40% of the growth and you'll know. Help to solve the problem of others is a business opportunities, but this time saving service is a kind of cheating?
"On the contrary!" XXX department store creative director west a · DuMou said. "Our customers crazy about find beautiful gift. If this means to use our services, so what? Shopping consultants to help them make the right choice. The so-called cheating means to you a gift, and only in the bag for a bottle of poem last year cheap so-and-so wine gift."

Shaped pen creative charming eyes

"Boss, I'm a securities company, want to purchase some gifts to the customer. Do you have the tauren ball-point pen?" In tourist shopping center a ShangWei before, in the face of the full of beautiful things in eyes of profiled pen, customer lace eye, have to ask Mr. Manage door. "Yes, of course." Mr. Building quickly from a stack of beast first set of group singled out a bull pen handed.
In * * international business city of class iii stationery market, profiled pen are quietly open markets, ushered in a new wave of rush. , says Mr Shaped pen has enormous market potential, "now market, no matter how small things, creative are good sell. Shaped pen, just as its name implies is modelling special, unlike traditional compasses that pen. Now this kind of pen in addition to student groups outside, another important marketing channel is enterprise or units of gifts and gift."
On the market at present is very much the types of profiled pen, in addition to common cartoon modelling ball-point pen, copy the biological modelling pen also starts to rise, and pencil family joined the creative force, now pen has not just simple pen, more like toys, even is a work of art.
Aimed at children before launch creative pen is main or cartoon is given priority to, material selection on the soft ceramic, plastic, etc., in order to reduce the harmful to children. Now the function of the pen is more and more diverse, creative also more and more is fantastic, shake pen, modelling pen, feather pen, fruit pen, gear pen... Just listen to these names are feel fresh. More interesting is, now adults to these fresh thing also like it very much, a lot of people buy it is in order to satisfy a collection of hobby.

Advertising gift market focus on gift product sales

* * * * advertising signs, printing and gifts production business compounds, occupy the * * * around 70% market share, after more than four years, two business, positioning nearly unanimous and not far from professional market finally started the differentiation.
Recently, reporters when we visit the market, greatly cut cut advertising processing production business, and focus on the present the finished product sales. Meanwhile, Hong Kong's advertising crafting face increasingly huge, gathers together industrial road, from the so-and-so place has been extended.